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如何前往 / How To Get There

  1. 捷運:搭乘捷運淡水線至民權西路站,從一號出口出站左轉直行民權西路,至大龍街口右轉直行大龍街過昌吉街口即可到達。(步行約10-15分鐘)
    By MRT: Take the Danshui MRT line to Minquan West Road Station, then leave the station from exit 1 and take a left onto Minquan West Road and continue until arriving at Dalong St. Take a right on Dalong St. and head straight, once you cross Changji St. You will have arrived. (10-15 minutes by foot)
  2. 公車:
    • A.昌吉重慶路口(步行約5分鐘)/ Changji and Chongqing Road Intersection (5 Mins. Walking Distance)
    • B.大同國小(步行約5分鐘)/ Datong Elementary School (5 Mins. Walking Distance)
    • C.民權大龍街口(步行約5分鐘)/ C. Minquan and Dalong Street Intersection (5 Min. Walking Distance)
  3. 自行開車:週邊有路邊汽機車停車格及收費立體停車場
    If driving: There is street parking available in the surrounding area for both cars and scooters, as well as a pay by the hour vertical parking garage.
注意事項 / Attention
The Organisation is located at Rm. 206, 2F., No.55, Changji St., Datong Dist.,Taipei City. On the first floor is the Lanzhou Market, the CTRRA is in the same building as the Datong District Office which is No.57, but uses a different entrance. Please enter from Dalong Street entrance to get to CTRRA.
(Opposite to the Xing Tianfu) Take the elevator on the right side or the stairs to get to the 2nd floor, please do not enter from the entrances to the Market on the left or the right. There is only one entrance to CTRRA, you will be unable to reach the CTRRA if entering from the market or the Datong District Office.
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Monday-Friday / 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM / 1:30 PM - 5:30 PM Closed on weekends
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